BIS MUN - 2019

Model United Nations 2019

BISMUN VI 2019 is the sixth Model United Nations Conference based at the British International School. Model United Nations provides an opportunity for students to simulate the work of the real United Nations by taking on the role of diplomats and working together to solve problems and issues that affect the world. Every conference has a theme. In 2019, the theme for our Conference is “Nationalism v Globalism: Your place or ours” The students devised this theme so they could investigate a range of topical issues in a world which is global in outlook and yet individual countries seem to want to put their own National interests first.

There will be eight separate Committees covering Human Rights, Economic and Social issues, Disarmament the Security Council, a Historical Council and traditionally looks at issues 30 years previous to the Conference, some General Assembly committees.

The first BISMUN occurred in the tenure of Dr Young and was a simulation on West Africa, it was attended by 50 students and two schools were involved.  Since then, it has gone from strength to strength as the students have slowly become more involved in the organisation and administration of the conference. This weekend, 177 delegates, 24 Chairs, 16 Admins, 16 Directors, 8 members of the Secretariat and 8 schools from in and around Jeddah including KAUST and TWA will come together to lobby, debate and vote on resolutions in a spirit of negotiation and cooperation to solve the most pressing issues facing us today. Model United Nations encompasses all that is best in the school mission statement of Learning to Lead, learning to Learn and Learning to Live. It will be a great weekend and a credit to the student body.