MUN - Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. Students participating in a MUN conference as delegates or chairs will acquire significant skills, as MUN involves and teaches public speaking, debating, research and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.

The BISJ MUN society, for students in Y7-IB2, meets after-school once per week to complete skills training and conference preparation. Students are then selected to attend conferences within Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Europe where they discuss and debate challenges facing the world today from water rights to nuclear weapons. In the last year, students have attended conferences in Jeddah, Berlin and the Hague.

Student performance is recognised by conferences with formal certificates, as well as awards for outstanding individual performances.

Upcoming MUN Conferences

In 2023-2024, BISJ MUN Society aims to participate in the following conferences:

7 October 2023 – BISJ Internal Conference

23 – 25 November 2023 – JAMUN II (AISJ – Jeddah)

14 – 16 February 2024 – TKSMUN (KAUST)

6 – 10 March 2024 – PORGMUN (Prague)

12 – 19 March 2024 – NHSMUN (New York)

19 – 23 April 2024 – BIMUN (Barcelona)

For more information, please contact the MUN Coordinator, Ms Rachel Henwood

BISMUN Conferences

BISMUN LV - 2023

55th THIMUN – January 2023


BISMUN VI - 2019

Nationalism vs Globalism: Your world or ours?


Living to work or working to live?


A World Without Walls: Peace and economic prosperity in a globalised world


Resolving the current Issues in West Africa