Student Support

Student Support

Learning Intervention Programmes:

In seeking to provide the highest standard of education possible, BISJ provides tailored learning intervention programmes to support the development and consolidation of key skills that are essential to wider curriculum access. Learning intervention programmes are provided at no additional cost and students typically work in a small group setting to maximise learning engagement and progress.

Our specialist teachers and teaching assistants work with children to further their literacy skills from Year 1 to Year 6, and numeracy skills from Year 3 to Year 6. Individualised intervention programmes are monitored through baseline and follow-up assessments linked to learning goals.

Our English Second Language (ESL) specialist teachers and instructors provide additional English language instruction for students with limited prior experience of learning English from Early Years to Year 6. Students are screened at school entry for the ESL programme.

Student Support Plans: 

Students with specific learning needs may have an integrated support plan in place, with a focus on classroom accommodations and modifications to support academic progress.